Tested Weights

Git-Lite is proudly Made in the USA!

PRO-TIP - Our Testers and Early Adopters tell us that when using Git-Lite, the fill-to-bag ratio should be a little less than what you run with heavy fill. Most of our Testers fill their bags about 75-85% full.  Adding or subtracting just a little bit of fill at a time, makes a big difference in the stability.  

Our Guarantee -  We offer a money back guarantee.  Buy Git-Lite and give it a try.  If you don't like it, send it back for a full refund (minus shipping). 

What Size Should I Order?

The Large size bag of fill should fill all regular sized Game Changers (OG, Waxed Canvas, etc), Saracen, etc.

The "Small" order of Git-Lite will fill a smaller bag such as a Mini-Game Changer, Comanche, Blamm bag, etc.  

For More Info On Git-Lite - including why and how it works, watch our launch video: 

Git-Lite Informational Video

Or click on this link:


Tips for Filling Your Bag With Git-Lite

To watch our video on tips for filling your Game Changer or other support bag, click here: